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หาเที่ยวบินราคาถูกไป ซาราเยโว


หาเที่ยวบินราคาถูกไป ซาราเยโว

ค้นหากว่าร้อยเว็บไซต์การเดินทางในครั้งเดียวสำหรับโปรโมชั่นเที่ยวบินไป ซาราเยโว

บอสตัน (BOS)
ซาราเยโว Butmir
พ. 14/4
พ. 21/4
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เที่ยวบินที่ถูกที่สุดไป ซาราเยโวคืออะไร?

สนามบิน ซาราเยโว อยู่ห่างจากใจกลางเมือง ซาราเยโว แค่ไหน?

ชื่อสนามบินของ ซาราเยโว คืออะไร?

KAYAK หาราคาเที่ยวบินที่ต่ำมากขนาดนี้ไป ซาราเยโวได้อย่างไร?

เครื่องมือคาดการณ์ราคาเที่ยวบินของ KAYAK ช่วยให้ฉันเลือกเวลาที่เหมาะสมในการซื้อตั๋วไป ซาราเยโวได้อย่างไร?

ตัวเลือก KAYAK Mix ของเที่ยวบินไป ซาราเยโวคืออะไร?

ฟีเจอร์ "วันที่ยืดหยุ่น" ของ KAYAK คืออะไรและทำไมฉันต้องสนใจเมื่อฉันกำลังมองหาเที่ยวบินไป ซาราเยโว?

สายการบินยอดนิยมที่บินไป ซาราเยโว Butmir

คะแนนตามรีวิวของลูกค้า KAYAK

คะแนนรีวิวขึ้นอยู่กับ 15,386 รีวิว

ข้อดี: "Amazing seats and crew"

ข้อดี: "Entertainment is epic. Speed to get luggage and depart airport was excellent."
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding crew had difficulty pronouncing "B" and "D", this caused some confusion. If they had said "B for Bravo", and "D for David", it would have helped them a lot."

ข้อเสีย: "Stuff not helpful, rude and not helping at all despite us being with a baby"

ข้อเสีย: "2 hour delay sitting in Bangkok airport due to sick passengers and their luggage getting off"

ข้อเสีย: "Everything was awesome."

ข้อดี: "Emirates Airlines are the best Airlines in the world and I always travel with them all over the world"

ข้อดี: "Early landing great service loads of legroom as am 6ft 5"
ข้อเสีย: "N\a"

ข้อเสีย: "45 minute wait for luggage on conveyor belt"

ข้อดี: "everything"

ข้อเสีย: "The flight was delayed for an already tight connection in Dubai. We paid for extra leg room only to be seated by the toilets to watch people throwing up most of the flight. Those same people did not get on the connecting flight and so Emirates managed to take our bags off as well, so we end up in London for a months stay with no luggage. Promises that it will arrive before midnight not kept and currently still waiting for bags to arrive."

ข้อดี: "Although a short trip it was a great experience especially the bar The seat setup is very good and facilities cannot be faulted."
ข้อเสีย: "Staff were rushed due to short nature of Flight most staff were great but some showed the pressure forgetting requests. Left medicine bag on Flight despite reporting it was never contacted again which inconvenienced my trip having to seek doctors for replacements."

ข้อเสีย: "My seat is horrible with something looks like vomit everywhere between a gap of the seat in front of me. Also the touch screen is not working, at first I pushed so hard until i hurt my finger tip, at the end I used buttons on an remote to control the screen(stupid me!!). The screen reset to an old version couple of times during the flight the crew had to reset for me( the airline should know what i'm talking about) It's a six-hour flight but the meal was literally served at 8.55pm(original time) in my section which is the last section to get food when the flight took of at 6.10pm(original time) - almost three hours into the flight. Can't believe they claimed to be number one airline in the world. If you fly to the States from thailand. Take Quatar if you want to go to the east coast or asian airlines any thing japanese or korean or even chinese airline like Hainan airline. They are all way better than this."

ข้อดี: "The service"
ข้อเสีย: "Nothing wrong"

ข้อดี: "Space"
ข้อเสีย: "Breakfast could have been a bit better"

ข้อดี: "Attention to detail Great Entertainment Excellent food Pilot updates on timing"
ข้อเสีย: "Movie channels and music could be easier to use"

ข้อดี: "The relaxed environment and the crew are amazing"
ข้อเสีย: "There is always some passengers that drink a bit more than they should but.... there is nothing we can do with it"

ข้อดี: "Excellent new plane good food friendly staff excellent entertainment"
ข้อเสีย: "Staff not bring drinks regularly enough"

ข้อดี: "Verry efficient and helpful even with oversize canvas painting,, didn't expect luggage to be transferred so quickly but the made it!"
ข้อเสีย: "Delay and worry I would miss connection"

ข้อดี: "Entertainment and space were great. Lots of options."
ข้อเสีย: "Crew seemed as tired as I did. The food could have been better for the price."

ข้อดี: "The seats are relatively good on the newer A380s. The film selection was good."
ข้อเสีย: "The meal was poor."

ข้อดี: "Best airline so far for economy long haul flight, was emerites flight"
ข้อเสีย: "No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real issues. Would have been hard for my Thai girl to navigate on her own"

ข้อดี: "Crew were friendly"
ข้อเสีย: "Why are Emirates business Class seats on 777 so weirdly configured - you have to be a stick insect to squeeze out of bulkhead row 8 window seats because of hideous mock walnut trunk slung between the seats to house aisle TV screen."

ข้อดี: "The in flight entertainment is as good as ever."
ข้อเสีย: "The food was wore, the staff seemed less happy and the flight was overcrowded. Not a bad experience, really, but slightly worse than the same flight the previous year. Getting to be the world's best airline may be less challenging than remaining such."

ข้อดี: "Service was wonderful people very kind enjoying them on the flight was quite beautiful soft and nice wish you good luck ."

ข้อดี: "Service is phenomenal, comfort of the seats and in flight entertainment was fab."
ข้อเสีย: "Food was mediocre, but then again haven't ever had a wonderful meal on an aeroplane before!"

ข้อดี: "Seating and hospitality"

ข้อดี: "crew food"
ข้อเสีย: "i asked for a plus blanket, they did not provide me since the plane was full, though so many people were not using it and i felt cold; none help was provided"

ข้อดี: "I like the meals"
ข้อเสีย: "It is hard to request a window seat"

ข้อดี: "Everything..."

ข้อเสีย: "Do not like Dubai airport security setup and the distance one has to walk between arrival and departure gates is a joke especially when your over 70!"

ข้อดี: "Food selection Wine not as good as usual"
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding was chaotic. Why usher First Class into an area make ten stand up for ten minutes before boarding?"

ข้อดี: "I enjoyed the meals that were provided, the comfortable seats, and all of the flight attendants were very friendly."

ข้อดี: "A380 Emirates get better every time"

ข้อดี: "It was a great experience...nicest airline I've ever flown. The cabin crew was attentive and accommodating and being a vegetarian I found they had many options for my dietary requirements."

ข้อเสีย: "The food was very poor, the service was not as good as before. For example they didnt provide earplug and sleeping beauty and they served the breakfast too early, so it was not enough time to sleep. After the breakfast there was still plenty of time around 1,5-2 hours. I think with the departure time at 03.00 a.m. the airline try to save one foood just after the departure. The asian noodle what they provided upon request, was not sufficiant neither fit to the rank of the airline."

ข้อดี: "Food, entertainment system, the air bus A380 was superb , cleanliness and crew was attentive."
ข้อเสีย: "None"

ข้อดี: "Excellent all the way."

ข้อดี: "Staff, Service, plane, food. Everything"
ข้อเสีย: "I can't say a word against them."

ข้อเสีย: "การบริการของพนักงานตอนรับ"

ข้อเสีย: "We fid not enjoy the close proximity of several screaming children who insisted in screaming at all hoyrs, making sleep impossible. What was concerning was the reluctance of the staff to intervene. Most disappointing as we did not have any sleep at all overnight."

ข้อดี: "food courtesy boarding"
ข้อเสีย: "seats"

ข้อดี: "I was upgraded to business"
ข้อเสีย: "You did not consult me first and I was traveling with a friend"

ข้อเสีย: "Another meal option was not available when it was my turn."

ข้อดี: "SERVICE!!!! EXCELLENT!!"

ข้อดี: "I was so worried about missing my connecting flight but I got express immigration checkin it was a great gesture, didn't expect it from Emirates"
ข้อเสีย: "None"

ข้อดี: "Entertainment was good, staff friendly and accomodating,"
ข้อเสีย: "Food was just ok, breakfast lacking, only given croissant and yoghurt, the angled lie flat beds are not as good as the 180 degree lie flats, would be nice to have complete lie flats."

ข้อดี: "Boarding"
ข้อเสีย: "Food"

ข้อดี: "Everything was fine."
ข้อเสีย: "Everything was fine."

ข้อดี: "Price/ available flying times"

ข้อดี: "Very friendly and helpful"
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding could be better organized"

ข้อเสีย: "Too short a connection between flights. Missed connection. No priority for those with connecting flights. No customer service to ensure passengers know which gates to go through and if passenger has chance of making flight. No recognition of time it takes to get through customs and security to make connecting flight. Actually any semblance of customer service was lacking for passengers to make connecting flights."

ข้อดี: "The flight was quite comfortable."
ข้อเสีย: "I find it hard work doing such long flights these days."

ข้อดี: "Confort"
ข้อเสีย: "The crew and the food, specially the food."

ข้อดี: "A380 with extra legroom is great comfort"
ข้อเสีย: "Connection at Frankfurt airport very poor We had to run for 15 minutes to get our Singapore flight with no assistance from Lufthansa"

ข้อดี: "Flight landed on time"
ข้อเสีย: "Gate was constantly changed with no audible notification at the gate and boarding process was mayhem"

ข้อดี: "Priority boarding for families was easy."
ข้อเสีย: "The tv monitors didn’t work great. The touch screens reacted very slowly, causing a lot of annoyance. My husbands didn’t work at all."

ข้อดี: "The new Airbus was a very cool aircraft."
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding process is really disorganized."

ข้อเสีย: "I had ordered pre flight online duty free shopping. Got a confirmation e-mail telling me that articles were reserved for me and I should approach crew members on board for the articles I had reserved. Reality however was that my pre ordered articles were not registered in their system :-("

ข้อเสีย: "We missed our connection due to the delay and they could only rebook us on flights that made us miss an entire day or our vacation."

ข้อดี: "Seat is small"
ข้อเสีย: "On time boarding"

ข้อดี: "Yes"
ข้อเสีย: "No"

ข้อเสีย: "It would be nice if the seats had more leg room. Staff was super nice. Food is not bad"

ข้อดี: "The Lufthansa app provides updates on plane status and gate number, etc."
ข้อเสีย: "N/a"

ข้อเสีย: "Service was poor, lack of vegetarian food"

ข้อเสีย: "Seats in front recline so that seat back is in your face."

ข้อดี: "The crew was really nice"
ข้อเสีย: "The flight was delayed, there was no TV or any other entertainment"

ข้อดี: "Excellent crew"
ข้อเสีย: "Toilet"

ข้อเสีย: "The gates kept changing and people were standing in line without being told how long the wait would be, or what was going on. A little challenging when you have overseas connecting flights ."

ข้อเสีย: "too cramped to get out of row to the isle."

ข้อเสีย: "Our flight was 9 hours late. We were given no notice of this until we arrived at the gate. it took an hour if holding before we could reach customer service. Customer service at our arrival gate was extremely slow. Baggage claim closed before my daughter’s luggage was released and it was lost until the next day. Our connecting flight was booked incorrectly do we had to spend the night in Frankfurt. Our 13 hour flight took 29 hours. The food was awful."

ข้อดี: "More legroom and great crew"
ข้อเสีย: "Food quality has gone down. A lot."

ข้อดี: "Boarding process and email updates."
ข้อเสีย: "Business class on European domestic flights is nothing more than coach seats with no one seated in the middle. Better than coach, but not by much and not worth the extra money."

ข้อดี: "A regular predictable LH flightqq"

ข้อดี: "The only good part of this flight was that even after the two hours delay of my first flight I managed to catch the second flight since it was delayed too."
ข้อเสีย: "Make sure you put all the liquids like (small perfumes, mouth wash and medicine bottles) in a plastic bag before you go in for your security check at Frankfurt airport. Frankfurt airport is confusing Flight crew was super rude and disgusted Food is bad"

ข้อดี: "The crew were very helpful and friendly"
ข้อเสีย: "The flight was delayed"

ข้อดี: "We had more room with a 2-seat array in the middle of the plane. It was more comfortable than the 3 seat array."

ข้อดี: "Flight attendants were helpful without waking up passengers wjo wanted to sleep."

ข้อเสีย: "My flight schedule changed after I bought the ticket, which resulted in paying for the hotel for the extra night and using one more PTO day."

ข้อดี: "The boarding process was very fast and smooth"
ข้อเสีย: "The seating space is very tight, more space is needed specially for tall people."

ข้อดี: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew."

ข้อเสีย: "My wife has an I797 document. Lufthansa didn't recognize it and I had to book her a business class flight on Qatar airways."

ข้อดี: "I loved that there were bathrooms downstairs so we didn't have to wait in the aisle. And there were enough bathrooms that the line moved quickly! They boarded families with young children first!"
ข้อเสีย: "Could use better entertainment options. When the person in front of me reclined, there was very little room!"

ข้อเสีย: "Needed entertainment"

ข้อดี: "Excellent service with pleasant, efficient staff. Special vegetarian diet needs met."

ข้อดี: "Good staff, comfortable seat"
ข้อเสีย: "The transfer from one Lufthansa flight to another"

ข้อดี: "phenomenal transfer from one flight to the next, thank you lufthansa"

ข้อดี: "The flight was on time enough that I comfortably got to my connecting flight. It was still late and some other passengers were anxious they wouldn't get theirs. The crew was nice."
ข้อเสีย: "Business class seats were regular seats with the middle seat unused. The "meal" on this early flight (had to leave the house around 4:30am to get to it) was light. I'm glad I had the time to stop at the business lounge first. I don't recall any entertainment system, which isn't a big issue on this short flight."

ข้อดี: "There service helping us with the boarding process was phenomenal!"

ข้อดี: "I always try to fly LH, but do so only if there is a deal available. This time I was especially impressed with the ground crew service in Frankfurt who offered assistance that I would have been too self-conscious to solicit, and it made all the difference."

ข้อดี: "Timeliness Politeness Good food and as much wine as desired A little more leg room would be nice but better than other airlines"

ข้อดี: "The problem was a family with 4 children who failed to parent their children which made this 7 hour flight a nightmare. Their children yelled, screamed and cried the entire flight and their parents did nothing. Their children laid in the center aisles, jumped up and down in the seats like a trampoline. They played with the trays like a toy repeatedly opening and closing them for fun. They tossed pillows at each other and the father handed them back to them to do it again and again. The parents didn't even seat their children in - the flight attendant had to do it. In our section there was no sleeping only total frustration. I love kids but sitting behind totally irresponsible parents made this return flight a nightmare while awake"
ข้อเสีย: "Flight crew inability to handle unruly passengers"

ข้อดี: "Glad to have a sandwich; it tasted good. The caterers use lots of mayonnaise on the cold cuts which can be messy since it was oozing out but I like gooey food rather than dry food so I was happy. Very nice crew."
ข้อเสีย: "Just odd that I walked a mile thru the airport to make the connection only to board a shuttle bus that went back the same direction for the longest such ride in my life, past parked planes, maintenance areas, fuel storage tanks and finally the cargo plane section where our plane was located. Might be hard on those more impaired than I am to handle the stairs down to the bus loading dock and again up into the plane."

ข้อดี: "Nothing."
ข้อเสีย: "The seats are horrendous. I paid for extra room but the armrests don't move. Other airlines have armrest that move in economy seats. No opportunity to rebook online or at the airport. I flew in this route a month before, and since then I've been trying to change the seats. Lufthansa customer service never called me back. When I tried to call, I was put on hold for more than an hour every time. Never flying Lufthansa again."

ข้อเสีย: "We were delayed by complicated connection from Vienna train station to Vienna airport, by the time we arrived, we missed our flight. We called your customer service, and a recording stated that we would get a reply within 48 hrs. We contacted website customer service and it stated that we would get a reply within 48 hrs. We needed immediate assistance from a HUMAN BEING to change our reservation, that was impossible. We were forced to purchase new tickets, the cost was $2,500, we had to stay overnight in a nearby hotel, the cost was $220. We are returning one day later than planned all because we could not reach you."

ข้อดี: "New airplane, very nice and comfortable. Great service. Smooth flight.. 10 hours - no turbulence. :)"
ข้อเสีย: "They lost Both of my laguages."

ข้อดี: "Direct flight, separate spacious toilets, decent food"
ข้อเสีย: "It's a good flight overall"

ข้อเสีย: "I will never gonna buy a ticket here again because didn't even take me i lost all my money"

ข้อเสีย: "Delayed - but made up for later!"

ข้อดี: "Friendly service"
ข้อเสีย: "Crowded and salmon sandwhich was most unplesent, to all 3 in my familly"

อ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ เอมิเรตส์

มาตรการด้านความปลอดภัยสำหรับสายการบินที่บินไป ซาราเยโว

สายการบินที่บินไป ซาราเยโว ได้ออกมาตรการด้านความปลอดภัยเพิ่มเติมและปรับนโยบายเพื่อรองรับนักท่องเที่ยวได้ดีขึ้น นโยบายจะแตกต่างกันไปตามสายการบิน


ทำความสะอาดรายวัน และติดตั้งไส้กรองเคบิน HEPA บนเที่ยวบิน ไป ซาราเยโว


ต้องสวมหน้ากากอนามัยเมื่ออยู่บนเครื่อง มีหน้ากากอนามัยให้บนเที่ยวบิน ไป ซาราเยโว


ไม่สามารถจองที่นั่งตรงกลางในเที่ยวบิน ไป ซาราเยโวได้


ตรวจหาแอนติบอดี้ และตรวจหาอาการสำหรับเที่ยวบิน ไป ซาราเยโว

จองตั๋วเครื่องบินราคาถูกไป ซาราเยโว


1 แวะพัก
16 ชม. 30 น.
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17 ชม. 15 น.
1 แวะพัก
16 ชม. 30 น.
1 แวะพัก
17 ชม. 15 น.




2 แวะพัก
28 ชม. 00 น.
1 แวะพัก
21 ชม. 10 น.
1 แวะพัก
17 ชม. 45 น.
2 แวะพัก
18 ชม. 50 น.
3 แวะพัก
30 ชม. 35 น.
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