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หาเที่ยวบินที่ถูกที่สุดจาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย

หาเที่ยวบินที่ถูกที่สุดจาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย

ค้นหากว่าร้อยเว็บไซต์การเดินทางในครั้งเดียวสำหรับโปรโมชั่นเที่ยวบินไป อินเดีย

ภูเก็ต (HKT)
จ. 14/6
จ. 21/6
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คะแนนตามรีวิวของลูกค้า KAYAK

คะแนนรีวิวขึ้นอยู่กับ 15,417 รีวิว

ข้อเสีย: "Great flight back to the UK, flight crew were very pleasant and attentive."

ข้อดี: "Crew was great"
ข้อเสีย: "The seats were pretty stiff compared to the A380 business class seats on my preceding flight."

ข้อดี: "ที่นั่งสะดวกสบายดีมาก"

ข้อเสีย: "Very nice"

ข้อเสีย: "The seat recliners didn't work for 3 of our seats. The buttons were so hard and were not functional. 2 of the crew members were NOT welcoming while others were. Not expected from Emirates."

ข้อเสีย: "seat was ok staff are very rude food was poor and cold on first flight"

ข้อดี: "The plane left on time, the ride was smooth and journey felt safe throughout its entirety. I enjoyed the flexibility of the seats; the quality of the cutlery, duvet, headphones and the matteress provided. The ICE is a brilliant entertainment system; giving an array of films to watch and games to play. The cabin crew were polite, friendly and helpful, and gave an excellent service as one would expect from travelling business."
ข้อเสีย: "The interior of the 777-300 was outdated, especially knowing that 777's have gone through an interior overhaul, so I was unfortunate to not be on of those refurbished planes. The food and the Virgin Mojito was not the best as I did expect it to better considering this was a business class. And the ICE tablet and its remote is not the most userfriendly nor responsive to use, as it does get a bit fiddly."

ข้อดี: "Hospitality, service, crew and everything was well"

ข้อดี: "For a 15 hour flight the crew made it comfortable"
ข้อเสีย: "The restrooms were non functional by the end of the flight"

ข้อดี: "On board crew personable and trying to do a good job. No one on the ground seems to have a clue."
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding is shambolic - no signs, no announcements, no disciplined queuing system. Business class sears old-fashioned, not horizontal, uncomfortable. Impossible to get to first class lounge until the Emirates desk opens (we had a 5-hour wait before we could go to security as we couldn’t go through until the desk opened to take checked luggage. They appear unfamiliar with boarding passes on the phone - wanted paper ones."

ข้อดี: "Everything other than food"
ข้อเสีย: "While they gave good AVML food on DXB-HYD flight, not sure what stops them from repeating it on SFO-DXB flight., It was worst to the end."

ข้อเสีย: "Food"

ข้อเสีย: "Emirates charging for duty free merchandise bought in Dubai. It is ridiculous that they add the weight of the duty free merchandise to your carry on luggage and charge at the gate. If I have known that I could have shopped in Dubai duty free. The customer service person was very rude too."

ข้อดี: "I like everything, every boby"

ข้อดี: "On time."

ข้อเสีย: "they have changed how they serve drinks and food. they used to do that separately. now they club it together."

ข้อดี: "The flight was on time"
ข้อเสีย: "I travelled internationally after 4 years. When I boarded my flight in New York, nobody cared to weigh my carry obs. However at my transit, while I was about to board the next flight, they weighed it and asked me to pay 100$ extra. If the airlines didn't allow more than 7 kilos carry on, they should have weighed it at the beginning of my trip since I had lots of room left in my check in and would have adjusted the luggage."

ข้อดี: "Service and Wi-Fi"
ข้อเสีย: "Brussel sprouts were total mush"

ข้อดี: "Nice new Boeing 737 with great movie choices."
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding in Phuket was late and disorganized. The walk from arrival gate to baggage claim was over 1 km. Meal service ran out of chicken (but had vegetarian)."

ข้อเสีย: "seats wouldn't recline, they say it is a mechanical, I had to sit uncomfortably for 16 hrs"

ข้อดี: "I liked the entertainment and the cabin crew is very welcomjng and nice smaile on their faces."
ข้อเสีย: "The leg room for tall guys isrediculous and if i had to get more leroom even in international flights they r charging. Ive not bren charged in domestic flights till now for leg room. And the food shoydl be changed and please give sime yhing more filling."

ข้อดี: "Service was some what better than in the business class."
ข้อเสีย: "I requested special meal when booked my ticket. I was told no vegetarian meal or sea food except for chicken and was given a just a roll and desert. Half an hour later after I finished what was served I was asked if I wanted left over vegitarian dish??????"

ข้อดี: "I am pleased to travel and thanks to Emirates."

ข้อดี: "Food was good and seating was comfortable."
ข้อเสีย: "That i could not step out for a 7 hour layover in dubai. transit visa should be granted even for that duration."

ข้อเสีย: "Seats are cramped and uncomfortable"

ข้อดี: "All are good."
ข้อเสีย: "Served vegetarian, I am very happy."

ข้อดี: "Food and entertainment. Didn't crash."
ข้อเสีย: "There is no leg room, and the seats are so small that everyone ends up leaning on each other. Better pray that you neighbor doesn't show up. Ever tried to eat while in such close proximity to another human? Totally not recommended, yet it's a requirement on these flights. I was not able to eat at the same time as my neighbors. I let them eat first, then ate my food."

ข้อดี: "Emirates is an airline that knows how to pay attention to the details. Amazing airline."
ข้อเสีย: "The ground few in Phuket - specifically the check-in desk did not uphold the standards of Emirates. I felt like I was too much of a bother for them."

ข้อดี: "Good entertainment"
ข้อเสีย: "Stawardess took too long to collect trays after we had eaten.at least two hours."

ข้อดี: "food"

ข้อดี: "After my request for vegan was apparently not put through, the crew bent over backward to find food for me - even giving up one of the crew members vegetarian meals. They even made the effort to notify the next leg of my trip (even tho that effort failed.)"
ข้อเสีย: "My request for vegan food was lost."

ข้อเสีย: "Bathrooms were not clean later in the flight"

ข้อดี: "Food, comfort, service all excellent! Hands down best 8+ hour flight experience vis-a-vis other airlines."
ข้อเสีย: "While there was much in the way of options for entertainment, navigating the system & touch screen was a pain. Often the mouse doesn't follow your touch and you end up clicking things you didn't mean to click + having to press multiple times."

ข้อดี: "food and timing services staff behavior and treats excellent"
ข้อเสีย: "pls replace drinking water bottles (small) in the place of cups"

ข้อดี: "Excellent service in flight and nice food"

ข้อเสีย: "Nothing"

ข้อดี: "Great hospitality from the crew and quality plane facilities."

ข้อดี: "Staff very nice. Food good. Loved the stewardesses outfits!"

ข้อดี: "The in-flight entertainment is very good."
ข้อเสีย: "For in-flight service call to flight attendant, it took 30 mins for response, and in the meantime two attendants walked by and waved me off. The next time I asked an attendant for water, he said sure he would get it, but he never showed up. Their water & juice service is not adequate for long-haul flights. Dubai has poor air quality, which might be bothersome for a long layover."

ข้อเสีย: "I wish they had consistent cabin bag policy through out the journey."

ข้อดี: "The response and service of Airhostesses are outstanding. I have to mention specially the assistance their supervisor provided to me when I have felt a little breathlessness and her constant attention on me to ensure I am normal and comfortable. Unfortunately I do not remember her name. Thanks to her and her team I felt at home."
ข้อเสีย: "Vegetarian food would be good if it was less spicy."

ข้อดี: "Awesome"

ข้อดี: "good"

ข้อดี: "Everything Emirates is the best"

ข้อเสีย: "I pre-selected the Asian Veg Meal but they were out and I didn't get any meal because of that."

ข้อดี: "Excellent"

ข้อเสีย: "การบริการของพนักงานตอนรับ"

ข้อเสีย: "Quality of mattress is way inferior to the one given in the Boston to Dubai leg."

ข้อดี: "Service"
ข้อเสีย: "Food came before alcohol :)"

ข้อดี: "Ok"
ข้อเสีย: "Comfort"

ข้อดี: "Seat was not super comfortable. Crew was excellent."
ข้อเสีย: "There was no online checkin or any ability to choose seats on your app."

ข้อดี: "Only cleanilyness inside the plane"
ข้อเสีย: "Customer service at the checkin at the airport and also the service by the flight attendant inside the plane"

ข้อเสีย: "14 hours connection time and they don't offer hotel/meal accommodation that airlines like Qatar Airways do. I inquired about the hotel within the airport and it costs $300 for 8 hours. Ridiculous. There is no place to sleep properly in the airport, I saw people laying down on the floor."

ข้อเสีย: "The airplane broke from Abudabi to Delhi with 4 hrs delay."

ข้อดี: "The crew"
ข้อเสีย: "sea food"

ข้อดี: "The food was good."
ข้อเสีย: "The legroom was inadequate."

ข้อดี: "..."
ข้อเสีย: "....."

ข้อดี: "Good service"
ข้อเสีย: "My bags came last even having priority labels"

ข้อดี: "On time"
ข้อเสีย: "Lack of leg room"

ข้อเสีย: "No sweets were served in any meals. Not even a chocolate candy."

ข้อดี: "Not applicable"
ข้อเสีย: "Lack of ability to cancel"

ข้อดี: "As above"
ข้อเสีย: "As above"

ข้อเสีย: "Flight was hot ac not working enough food was horrible."

ข้อดี: "More legroom Crew was couteous"
ข้อเสีย: "Poor quality food Old planes"

ข้อดี: "The crew took care of their passengers' needs throughout the flight with plenty of food and drinks."
ข้อเสีย: "My headphones or speaker did not work on my TV so I was unable to watch any movies. It was difficult to sleep as I was woken up to see if I wanted food or drink"

ข้อดี: "Charging for devices at the seat, not too cramped."
ข้อเสีย: "Out of DC, they weighed every carryon item both at check in and at the gate. I couldn’t fill my water bottle before boarding or I would have been overweight... I’ve never had an airline be so picky. And then they lost one of my bags - ironic given the precision about baggage weight."

ข้อดี: "Crew friendliness"

ข้อดี: "Same as Above"
ข้อเสีย: "Same as Above"

ข้อดี: "The staff were lovely"
ข้อเสีย: "The food options were awful & limited - sometimes there wasn’t actually an option. The flight was so squished & packed and I was incredibly uncomfortable in my seat. The boarding took ages & we were also delayed."

ข้อดี: "I couldn't catch this flight because the previous connecting flight was canceled."


ข้อดี: "Entertainment system and flight condition"

ข้อดี: "I liked all my special gluten free food!! It was very good!’"
ข้อเสีย: "The crew just wasn’t all that friendly, and the seats were so close together, there was very little legroom!"

ข้อดี: "correct temprature flight crew was good food was good"

ข้อดี: "Really nice crew and helpful. Food excellent"
ข้อเสีย: "Older plane and a bit cramped for a longer flight"

ข้อเสีย: "Someone broke lock of my luggage. It was locked when i checked in atJFK airport. I got the luggage without lock at New Delhi. Though there was nothing valuable in that but still someone tried to get something out of it."

ข้อดี: "Staff were very friendly."
ข้อเสีย: "Checked in online and booked seats that had extra legroom. When boarding the plane seats had been changed and we were separated. Not happy about it. Agree with other reviewers re Abu Dhabi, not the most pleasant experience in the connections hall. A bit all over the place!"

ข้อดี: "Cabin, boarding"
ข้อเสีย: "Transit through Abu Dhabi is a pain"

ข้อดี: "Food service and service generally"
ข้อเสีย: "Long layover and delay"

ข้อดี: "All"
ข้อเสีย: "Food"

ข้อเสีย: "Staff saw us a burden. They need to accommodate the needs of family with children who might need food at odd times."

ข้อดี: "Friendly crew."
ข้อเสีย: "The flight had TOo few restrooms. About 4 for 250 people or so. There was at least a 15 minute wait at almost any given time."

ข้อเสีย: "Bad food"

ข้อดี: "Both of our flight were very comfortable. They gave us pillows, blankets and great food even in economy."
ข้อเสีย: "The second flight took off quite a bit late but we did make up some of the time"

ข้อดี: "Staff excellent on board Plane very high standard"
ข้อเสีย: "Waiting 1.25 hrs to check in in SYD- with 10 and 12 year old children Check-in staff member unclear on passport requirements"

ข้อดี: "The movie options and food were good."
ข้อเสีย: "This flight had the potential to be good as the entertainment and food options were good, but I felt cramped and the volume of the surrounding passengers was awful. There were three crying babies, which I know neither the airline nor the families themselves can control, as well as one child with special needs who was making a lot of noise the whole flight. I wasn't able to sleep at all for that reason. Additionally, I was disappointed that the flight was late and that the deplaning process was so long – we taxied for a long time and there was only one staircase, so we were very late."

ข้อดี: "Service"
ข้อเสีย: "Please add more vegetarian food options"

ข้อดี: "The Crew was responsive and attentive."
ข้อเสีย: "The On Boarding process, a bit too many checks on the weight of Carry ons (7Kg)and Laptop Bag (5Kg), which was a big inconvenience and I never experienced with any other airlines and believe me I have flown on virtually every airline. The food options were limited and the crew ran out of food choices (Veg) fast."

ข้อเสีย: "not a choice of Indian movies;"

ข้อเสีย: "Luggage policy, ended up going in line 4 times."

ข้อดี: "Not much"
ข้อเสีย: "Crew was rude, very offstandish. We asked for vegetarian meals online. Crew acted like it was our fault for being vegetarians. My wife asked one of the stewardesses for water and she never brought. When we asked for it again she brought it and said "here" like she was bothered to have to bring water."

ข้อดี: "Leg room"
ข้อเสีย: "Boarding was chaotic Crew wss average in service"

ข้อดี: "Food and entertainment"
ข้อเสีย: "Bad seats, bad legroom and very cramped isles"

ข้อดี: "I was upgraded to business class, so the flight was smooth and amazing. This gesture was really a class act, I'm staying with Etihad for life!"

ข้อดี: "Very cramped seats"

ข้อเสีย: "They didnt provide me Accomodation with the fact that I had more than 12 hours transit"

ข้อดี: "Hospitable crew... great service. Food quality not good"

ข้อดี: "Friendly staff"
ข้อเสีย: "Very bad odor, throughout the flight, very limited Choice of entertainment esp new English movies , outdated movies, so so food and drink options, choice of wines sucks"

ข้อดี: "Entertainment choices"
ข้อเสีย: "Food choices from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco are limited"

ข้อเสีย: "MH hospitality has gone down. Those days they were the best of the best. Now, there is hardly any hospitality at all. Very disappointing."

ข้อเสีย: "All four flights with Malaysia Airlines were delayed, no reasons and no information. Appalling."

ข้อเสีย: "very delayed flight in addition slow flying what should have taken 52 minutes ended 1 hour 20 min to add to that poor cabin crew management of Business Class disembarking excruciating slowly added another delay of 20 minutes!"

ข้อดี: "Crew are nice,but the seat need to improve"
ข้อเสีย: "The seat need to improve"

ข้อดี: "Entertainment was good."
ข้อเสีย: "Sadly one passenger in front of me talked loudly, for 7 hours straight, took an hour to sleep then talked again for the remaining 5 hours. Not airline fault"

ข้อดี: "All went Well, no delays, good service."

ข้อดี: "Direct flight"
ข้อเสีย: "Bigger aircraft"

ข้อดี: "Boarding was organized"
ข้อเสีย: "Vegetarian food wasn’t great"

ข้อดี: "The seats were comfortable and the in-flight entertainment was fine."
ข้อเสีย: "The crew shouldn’t assume that an Asian person is Vietnamese just because they boarded from Vietnam. The vegetarian door was awful."

ข้อดี: "Comfortable seats"

ข้อดี: "the crew was flexible enough to allow change of seat to emergency exit after takeoff. Some of the crew are friendly, but not all."
ข้อเสีย: "the seats. I am 5'9 tall and my knees are touching the seat in front of me. Entertainment system needs to be upgraded. Food is so-so. Overall, MH flights, not just this recent one was just what was expected as the bare minimum."

ข้อเสีย: "Cancel last minute and no compensation given, how rude it is."

ข้อดี: "Having 2 seats to ourselves"
ข้อเสีย: "Crew hurried;seats cramped;boarding a pin-had to take watches off;food indifferent;sat on Sydney tarmac nearly 1/2 hr"

ข้อเสีย: "Connecting Time"

ข้อดี: "Lovely people an caring all the way through."

ข้อเสีย: "The pre boarding security was a mess and poorly managed in Kuala Lumpur."

ข้อดี: "Nothing special"
ข้อเสีย: "At least, they let me know the first delay but no further information was given to the 2nd delay. Also, neither the ground not on board staff seemed to be interested in Passagiers. Was a short flight interrupted by diverse visual ads and PRs.."

ข้อเสีย: "Food Seats cramped"

ข้อดี: "Friendly check in staff, thingking with the customer for aeat options."
ข้อเสีย: "A very long queue, while only 2 counters were open."

ข้อเสีย: "Delayed again. 5 flights of people crammed in gate area 81 - 84. Ridiculous"

ข้อดี: "Fast flight and boarding time"
ข้อเสีย: "Inflight food was bad, luggage at the airport took Long"

ข้อเสีย: "Old plane"

ข้อเสีย: "Flight delayed!!"

ข้อดี: "Retested additional blankets and got them."
ข้อเสีย: "The crew was in a hurry to provide drinks and remove trays; ttrays were no hot drinks provided; overall, the crew seemed cold and not approachable."

ข้อดี: "Most of it, especially having a meal on such a short flight."
ข้อเสีย: "Could do with more legroom, tall people exist"

ข้อดี: "Service, free drinks, decent entertainment selection, and the food was actually a little better than edible, the best airline food Ive ever had (I haven't flown many long haul flights)"
ข้อเสีย: "People don't stop growing at 5'8. There are people taller than that, in fact quite a lot of people are taller than that. So much in this world is made without this consideration in mind. I'm 6'1, I shouldn't have to pay hundreds more just so I have enough legroom. And I don't mean enough to swing my legs about as much as I want, just enough to be comfortable. This isn't essential on short flights, but just seems cruel to taller people on long flights."

ข้อดี: "Crew was accommodating enough to provide for us during this cancelled flight."
ข้อเสีย: "Better and open communications with what's going on. They were helpful and efficient but needed a clearer and more concise communication line to get us mobilized and ready to go."

ข้อดี: "Crew"
ข้อเสีย: "Lost bags"

ข้อดี: "Quick on and off boarding."
ข้อเสีย: "Food was average at best."

ข้อดี: "Peanuts"
ข้อเสีย: "Nothing"

ข้อดี: "Acceptable in general. Food (ran out of option, only fish curry left in row 20's), enterteinment, comfort (empty seats)."
ข้อเสีย: "Attitude by attendants can be improved."

ข้อดี: "Larger seats"
ข้อเสีย: "Food was below standards. Really need to improve."

ข้อดี: "Over all flight experience ok, lack of boarding information and ran out of menu choice but rest ok."
ข้อเสีย: "Arrived in one piece but my luggage didn't; flew from Auckland to Singapore via KL with a 2 hr layover; how luggage didn't make connecting flight is beyond me; maybe they just lose things"

ข้อดี: "Good was great."
ข้อเสีย: "Flight was late approx 1 hour. Seems like a regular occurrence which is not good"

ข้อดี: "Smooth flight with usual good in flight service. No issues during flight. check in very smooth and baggage collection very quick"

ข้อดี: "Everything"
ข้อเสีย: "Nothing"

ข้อดี: "Took off on time, landed early, business class cabin was comfortable and food was ok."

ข้อดี: "This was a comfortable flight with nice staff and great food and entertainment choices"
ข้อเสีย: "No 12 1/2 hour flight can be ideal but this was good deal."

ข้อเสีย: "The quality of the in-flight meal (noodles and fish) very poor!"

ข้อดี: "The staff is great"
ข้อเสีย: "We had to wait very long for take off"

ข้อดี: "Clean plane. Nice staff"
ข้อเสีย: "Delay"

ข้อดี: "I liked the crew, very polite and helpful."
ข้อเสีย: "I did not like the fact that I could not check in on-line. This made that I missed half a night of sleep in Darwin because I had to check in at 1AM, flying at 4.10AM."

ข้อดี: "We bought the entire ticket under Malaysia airlines with connecting flight out of Kuala Lumpur to Taipei in 1 hr. The agents in malysia airlines couldn't check us into the connecting flight because it's co share with China airlines and was rude to us when we questioned them why since we bought the tickets from them. We need up having to run to the connecting flight at Kuala Lumpur because the arriving flight was late. Very unprofessional"
ข้อเสีย: "We bought the entire ticket under Malaysia airlines with connecting flight out of Kuala Lumpur to Taipei in 1 hr. The agents in malysia airlines couldn't check us into the connecting flight because it's co share with China airlines and was rude to us when we questioned them why since we bought the tickets from them. We need up having to run to the connecting flight at Kuala Lumpur because the arriving flight was late. Very unprofessional"

ข้อเสีย: "Got stuck by lots of crying kids."

ข้อดี: "We missed our flight connection in KL due entirely to our fault. M-Air staff helped us get onto the next flight. Economy was full so we paid for an upgrade to business class but we were seated in first class. Wonderful crew, service, cabin and flight."

ข้อดี: "Cabin crew friendly and helpful."
ข้อเสีย: "Red snapper was over cooked and rubbery. MH used to have great food. What happened??? IFE system was poor although flight was only over an hour in length - not a major issue."

ข้อดี: "Crew was good in flight."
ข้อเสีย: "The flight was excessively delayed. What was supposed to be a flight leaving at 2:25 AM left only at 4:15 AM or so. This is AFTER my original flight which I had booked for 1 AM was changed to 2:25 AM."

ข้อดี: "The plane was decent. The offering on the IFE was a good mix. Food was ok"
ข้อเสีย: "The IFE froze. I alerted the crew but it took them nearly 1.5 hours to do a reset of the system. I barely managed to watch a movie and only managed that due to the fact that I had my own earphones. They collect their headsets way too early."

ข้อเสีย: "Flight canceled last minute! Lost my connection back home. Still no news about pay back. Had to book another flight on my own expense."

ข้อดี: "Crew were friendly and professional."
ข้อเสีย: "Cue to check-in was ridiculous! Employ more staff so that the wait time is comparable to other airlines. Alcohol - why is there no alcohol on the KUL/BKK leg? I thought that this was an international flight."

ข้อดี: "Nothing"
ข้อเสีย: "I missed my onward international flight due to this airline. They refused to take any responsibility and I am now stuck in Mumbai having to miss work, spend more money and get another flight"

ข้อดี: "The plane noise level during flight was around 78db."
ข้อเสีย: "No leg room at all for people above 6ft. I sat down n the guy in front reclined n crushed my knees. All food items u need to purchase. Price for an extra check-in bag was same as price of 1 ticket. Horrible."

ข้อดี: "Boarding process"
ข้อเสีย: "Comfortable chairs."

ข้อดี: "Yes"
ข้อเสีย: "More leg room"

ข้อเสีย: "No Delays in flight......one hour delay is too much"

ข้อดี: "Seats were ok. 300 one is too much to buy seat."

ข้อเสีย: "Delay in boarding and flight"

ข้อดี: "All good"
ข้อเสีย: "Nothing"

ข้อเสีย: "The business class was cheap. Didn’t expect such poor quality."

ข้อดี: "Crew was amazing"
ข้อเสีย: "More options of food not the ready to eat ones"

ข้อดี: "Flight on time and services"
ข้อเสีย: "If we have usb charging option that cab be added advantage"

ข้อเสีย: "seats are VERY TIGHT AND EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Its basically a old crowded bus in a 3rd world country."

ข้อดี: "Flight was on time and with little hassle once in the air. Crew was polished and professional,"
ข้อเสีย: "Shuttle bus loading to aircraft: chaotic and could be better organized. Bus arrived at aircraft, and had to wait as passengers were still disembarking. Not well thought out."

ข้อเสีย: "Chaotic departure area with unclear announcements, often two simultaneous announcements. Found out at last minute we were in the wrong part of the area. Could easily have missed flight"

ข้อเสีย: "No water was offered"

ข้อเสีย: "The flight landed 2 hours later"

ข้อดี: "Friendly crew"
ข้อเสีย: "Delayed 40mins customers behave like they are on a public bus lots of pushing get impression it was first flight for many didn’t know they couldn’t stand when seat belt sign was on & applauded on landing. Check in was chaotic large family groups checking in so very slow & disorganised"

ข้อดี: "Punctuality"
ข้อเสีย: "Nothing as such"

ข้อดี: "Very customer like"
ข้อเสีย: "Poor customer service"

ข้อดี: "Nothing"
ข้อเสีย: "Discomfort No food/water No entertainment Very very bad seats Only 2 toilets"

ข้อเสีย: "- The flight onward to Ahmedabad went fine but the return flight got delayed by 2 hrs, one hour to get fly from Ahmedabad and another one to land as the Mumbai airport had heavy traffic so we kept flying for an additional hour waiting for an opportunity to land. Its effect was increased by the fact that it was late at night. In fact, we were using flight rather than train to save time and it ended up costing us 5 hours between waiting and flight. - There was no food available on the flight apart from food that one should buy at an extra cost."

ข้อดี: "Clean & fast"
ข้อเสีย: "Small seats, did not have food I wanted and took a long time to confirm."

ข้อดี: "Stayed on plane whilst people boarded in Hyderabad. No delays"
ข้อเสีย: "No entertainment"

ข้อดี: "Wheelchair assistance was amazing. I am traveling with a broken leg and couldn’t be more grateful for the helpful staff."

ข้อดี: "Trip was smooth."
ข้อเสีย: "No problems whatsoever."

ข้อดี: "Very comfortable waiting zone like a first class lounge"
ข้อเสีย: "Very narrow and complicated security check"

ข้อดี: "On time service and often friendly staff, particularly in airport at checkin."
ข้อเสีย: "I paid for business class due to excess luggage. Business class isn't business class, really. But it saved me money in the end. food dismal."

ข้อดี: "Food was ok and general cleanliness. Fast luggage retrieval"
ข้อเสีย: "Flight delay"

ข้อเสีย: "Flight was delayed by 3 hrs"

ข้อดี: "Their aircraft are brand new and ground staffs are cooperative."
ข้อเสีย: "GoAir schedule changes in a blink. Scheduled 1:05 pm then delayed to 3:0 pm then rescheduled 1:30 then again 2:05 pm. It’s total madness. Almost missed the flight."

ข้อดี: "The truth by GOAir staff is not spoken they keep saying flight will come but it didn't and this happens twice. Other flight did iperarate and fly"
ข้อเสีย: "Liars"

ข้อดี: "I cancelled my flight because of delay and waiting for my refubd"
ข้อเสีย: "Go air has no communication, no sense of responsibility giving different stories."

ข้อดี: "Nothing"
ข้อเสีย: "Being late. Disorganized boarding."

ข้อดี: "boarding was fast ... seating was nice .. service was good"
ข้อเสีย: "Flight was delayed by more than an hour... no facilities at the airport"

ข้อเสีย: "Business class is an economy seat up front. Terrible condition of planes - in particular the rest room is filthy. Avoid!"

ข้อเสีย: "Knowingly delay was not flashed though mobile apps were showing delayed time correctly. On counter staff was giving correct time. But refuse to display No display of gate until boarding was midway Row wise boarding not followed Head purser on board was loud , brash , rude and curt to all Non apologetic to a delay of nearly 2.5 hours Cramped seats"

ข้อดี: "The flight was for only one hour and it went by pretty quickly. The flight was clean and the crew was friendly as well. The prices were a little high but they were offering international baggage allowance so it was worth it."
ข้อเสีย: "The initial boarding was a little delayed and we weren't informed that it was going to be that way. Ended up standing in the tunnel to the plane for 15 mins. The leg space was relatively less, but for an hour, very manageable."

ข้อเสีย: "Non-existent leg space. Narrow seats."

ข้อเสีย: "poor communication of delay as well as estimation of delay."

ข้อเสีย: "Did not receive timely information about the flight delay (if I'd I could cancelled, gotten a full refund and flown on another flight right there, but the information came too late, even though they had it in advance.) Did not receive information about complimentary snacks (had to find out for myself Don't travel with goair if you have time sensitive single day travel plans."

อ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ เอมิเรตส์

มาตรการด้านความปลอดภัยสำหรับสายการบินที่บินจาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย

สายการบินที่บินจาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย ได้ออกมาตรการด้านความปลอดภัยเพิ่มเติมและปรับนโยบายเพื่อรองรับนักท่องเที่ยวได้ดีขึ้น นโยบายจะแตกต่างกันไปตามสายการบิน


ทำความสะอาดรายวัน และติดตั้งไส้กรองเคบิน HEPA บนเที่ยวบิน จาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย


ต้องสวมหน้ากากอนามัยเมื่ออยู่บนเครื่อง มีหน้ากากอนามัยให้บนเที่ยวบิน จาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย


ไม่สามารถจองที่นั่งตรงกลางในเที่ยวบิน จาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย ได้


ตรวจหาแอนติบอดี้ และตรวจหาอาการสำหรับเที่ยวบิน จาก ภูเก็ต ไป อินเดีย

จองเที่ยวบินราคาถูกจาก ภูเก็ต - อินเดีย


1 แวะพัก
12 ชม. 50 น.
1 แวะพัก
15 ชม. 05 น.
2 แวะพัก
22 ชม. 55 น.
1 แวะพัก
19 ชม. 45 น.
1 แวะพัก
12 ชม. 50 น.
1 แวะพัก
15 ชม. 05 น.
2 แวะพัก
22 ชม. 55 น.
1 แวะพัก
19 ชม. 45 น.
2 แวะพัก
22 ชม. 55 น.
1 แวะพัก
19 ชม. 45 น.


1 แวะพัก
13 ชม. 25 น.
2 แวะพัก
39 ชม. 05 น.
1 แวะพัก
28 ชม. 25 น.
2 แวะพัก
24 ชม. 15 น.
3 แวะพัก
23 ชม. 05 น.
2 แวะพัก
36 ชม. 00 น.
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