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ค้นหาตั๋วเครื่องบินราคาประหยัดจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี

ค้นหาตั๋วเครื่องบินราคาประหยัดจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี

ค้นหากว่าร้อยเว็บไซต์การเดินทางในครั้งเดียวสำหรับโปรโมชั่นเที่ยวบินไป เทนเนสซี

กรุงเทพมหานคร (BKK)
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กุมภาพันธ์เวลาที่ดีที่สุดที่นักท่องเที่ยวไม่หนาแน่นกับราคาเฉลี่ยลดลง 4%


พฤศจิกายนเวลายอดนิยมที่สุดในการบินกับราคาเฉลี่ยสูงขึ้น 14%


฿40,578(ราคาเฉลี่ยใน 2 อาทิตย์ที่ผ่านมา)





เคล็ดลับยอดนิยมสำหรับการหาตั๋วเครื่องบินราคาถูกไป เทนเนสซี

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คำถามที่พบบ่อย - การจองเที่ยวบินเทนเนสซี

KAYAK หาราคาเที่ยวบินที่ต่ำมากขนาดนี้ไป เทนเนสซีได้อย่างไร?

เครื่องมือคาดการณ์ราคาเที่ยวบินของ KAYAK ช่วยให้ฉันเลือกเวลาที่เหมาะสมในการซื้อตั๋วจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี ได้อย่างไร?

ตัวเลือก KAYAK Mix ของเที่ยวบินไป เทนเนสซีคืออะไร?

ฟีเจอร์ "วันที่ยืดหยุ่น" ของ KAYAK คืออะไรและทำไมฉันต้องสนใจเมื่อฉันกำลังมองหาเที่ยวบินไป เทนเนสซี?

สายการบินยอดนิยมที่บินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ ไป เทนเนสซี

คะแนนตามรีวิวของลูกค้า KAYAK

คะแนนรีวิวขึ้นอยู่กับ 4,497 รีวิว

ข้อดี: "Yes the airline co-operating so nice and staff were helpful. The seat was so comfortable."

ข้อเสีย: "More variety of movies"

ข้อดี: "The service and food was great. Plains are new."

ข้อดี: "Cabin crew were very helpful and polite."
ข้อเสีย: "Food lacked flavor."

ข้อเสีย: "Better food"

ข้อดี: "Japan Airlines always, always, always takes such good care of us, especially with the kids. This flight was no exception. I had forgotten to reserve a kid's meal for our kids (don't forget, parents) and they went well out of their way to make sure that the kids had food that they would like."

ข้อดี: "Yes."

ข้อดี: "The crew was absolutely amazing!"
ข้อเสีย: "I think everything was amazing"

ข้อดี: "Sky Time drink was interesting. Flight was on time."
ข้อเสีย: "More leg room. Better information on what is included as far as meals / drinks."

ข้อเสีย: "The food and drinks were sub-par"

ข้อเสีย: "Please contact me-I was in a car accident on way to airport and was in hospital-missed flight-too another flight next day-would like a refund"

ข้อดี: "Overall is good :)"

ข้อดี: "Sitting in my seat I felt that I had wiggle room for my feet and my arms/elbows. Usually on American flights, I feel like a sardine packed in a can. Even though I was in economy I had plenty of space and was very comfortable during 9 hour flight from BKK to Tokyo."

ข้อเสีย: "Cancelled flight"

ข้อเสีย: "Bad seat near bathroom. Smelled like pee entire trip"

ข้อดี: "Able to watch Three Billboards, Darkest Hour, Shape of Water, Wonder, and list goes on and on."
ข้อเสีย: "The seats on the 787 were much more crowded than on the 767."

ข้อเสีย: "What did you dislike? I purchased our tickets back in November selecting which seats we wanted. When we arrived February 16th they stated we were "standby" after a debated discussion they found us some seats at the very back of the plane (not our selected seats). On our flight back they had us, my husband and I seating in separate sections on the plane (again not our selected seats) 6 rows away from each other. I will NOT recommend using Kayak in the future. Leslie Dickey"


ข้อดี: "Very friendly and accommodating staff on JAL every trip"

ข้อดี: "Excellent and original Japanese meals"

ข้อดี: "I liked everything with JAL. Seats are comfortable, good food, excellent service."

ข้อดี: "Nicest crew I have ever seen!"

ข้อดี: "Service is great."
ข้อเสีย: "Flight was an hour late. Boarded late. Took off late. Delayed 10 minutes at arrival gate with seat belt sign on."

ข้อดี: "Service is outstanding. Attentive but not invasive and always with a genuine smile. Will fly JAL every time it’s an option"

ข้อดี: "Economy seating the best in the business."
ข้อเสีย: "Old movies"

ข้อดี: "I liked the overall service and professionalism."
ข้อเสีย: "The entertainment selection was limited, it was an older system I assume as the screen was not touchscreen."

ข้อเสีย: "Leg room"

ข้อดี: "Nice people, good food"
ข้อเสีย: "Old-=fashioned business configuration"

ข้อดี: "I was early to check in . But the check in was slow and I. Had to run to my plane ride .. and had no time to shop"
ข้อเสีย: "The service was so so and food was lousy"

ข้อดี: "The hospitality of the crew"

ข้อดี: "The airplane and all crevices"
ข้อเสีย: "None"

ข้อดี: "The food and plum wine. The entertainment packet was nice too!"
ข้อเสีย: "The folks coughing on the plane."

ข้อดี: "Food and drinks"
ข้อเสีย: "Nothing"

ข้อดี: "Direct flights from San Diego to Narita. Easy connections for other countries. Good food. Luggage allowance."
ข้อเสีย: "Seats are a bit hard and do not recline enough. Would trade legroom for more angle on the seats."

ข้อเสีย: "Very long lines at the security gate at Itami. Difficult web check in."

ข้อดี: "Economy seats were extremely comfortable and roomy. What a difference that makes."
ข้อเสีย: "Movies available tended to be either action/terror/suspense, or old movies. Very few real dramas."

ข้อดี: "The service was excellent and the staff friendly. Service was fast and staff friendly."
ข้อเสีย: "Small leg room."

ข้อดี: "JAL is the best airline I've ever flown."
ข้อเสีย: "Food isn't to my liking but was good."

ข้อดี: "Good food and excellent service On time"
ข้อเสีย: "There are not much choices for movies News uses Japanese only"

ข้อดี: "The service was exceptional, friendly and polite. Food was good and entertainment selection was awesome."

ข้อดี: "Shortest travel time to Japan"
ข้อเสีย: "OLD PLANES Touchscreens won't 50% of the time"

ข้อดี: "One of the most attentive crews I've ever had. Superb service. Angled flat seat was not bad at all."

ข้อดี: "This was the first leg of 3 flights back to the US and it was great!"
ข้อเสีย: "There was nothing bad about this flight."

ข้อดี: "Professional and kind service. Leg room. In-service TV/movies. Toothbrushes. Food. Everything was outstanding."
ข้อเสีย: "Absolutely nothing."

ข้อดี: "excellent seat space and excellent in-flight service."

ข้อดี: "Foods are good, crews are good."

ข้อดี: "Food, comfortable, choice of entertainment"

ข้อดี: "Attentive staff, decent food, good choice of entertainment."

ข้อดี: "Crew and service was excellent"
ข้อเสีย: "Seats are not 189 full flat"

ข้อดี: "It was a small jet but the first class section was extremely nice."
ข้อเสีย: "Small jets have limited overhead space and most roller bags have to be gate checked for pickup when you exit the plane. My roller bag is small to fit under a seat, and it fit in the overhead."

ข้อเสีย: "The crew was so rude"

ข้อเสีย: "In flight entertainment wouldn't work despite following the instructions, so I gave up after about 45 minutes."

ข้อดี: "Crew wuz gööd"
ข้อเสีย: "Good"

ข้อดี: "Seat was comfortable"
ข้อเสีย: "One attendant looked and acted,like she had just gotten up after a rough night. Never smiled, watched people put jackets and even a fast food bag in the overheads without ever saying a word."

ข้อดี: "The crew was very attentive."
ข้อเสีย: "There were no power ports on this flight."

ข้อดี: "Not much. I did arrive to my destination with my bags!"
ข้อเสีย: "My flight was delayed boarding and.leaving the runway! There was very choppy communication as from the airlines as things changed. I arrived and hour late from an already late flight! The attitude of the attendants was not the best either. They seemed to be tired and it showed in their service."

ข้อดี: "The entertainment options"
ข้อเสีย: "The flight was delayed because of another flight before ours and there was poor communication."

ข้อดี: "Pleasant and attentive crew"

ข้อดี: "Normal expectations were met"
ข้อเสีย: "It was fine"

ข้อดี: "The pilot made up for a lot of time. The flight was said to be 1 hr 40 minutes about but we touched down after about only 1 hour in the air. Deboarding was quick."
ข้อเสีย: "The flight was delayed three times. We eventually boarded and then spent another 30 minutes waiting to taxi. Another narrow plane with not much room."

ข้อเสีย: "The seats were SO uncomfortable and my legs were cramped up into one position because there wasn't enough room for legs and knees."

ข้อดี: "Landed safely and on time. Crew was nice."
ข้อเสีย: "Cramped. Older plane missing USB plugs. Entertainment requires an app. Should have been cheaper for what I got which was a regular ticket for a 5'8" 160lb person."

ข้อดี: "Quick boarding"
ข้อเสีย: "Cold no food"

ข้อดี: "Crew were ok Captain was informant"
ข้อเสีย: "Delay Heat on plane at 98 degrees upon boarding"

ข้อดี: "The boarding and flight were both good"
ข้อเสีย: "Paid $10 for WiFi that wouldn’t even allow me to stream some music or open a web page"

ข้อเสีย: "the usual garbage AA flights on CRJ's with poor on-time performance and frequent maintenance issues..."

ข้อดี: "On time."
ข้อเสีย: "One of my pieces of luggage was not on my flight. The gate agent was difficult to understand. It was her nasal accented English that was the problem."

ข้อเสีย: "Very cramped seating This was an American Airlines flight, not Alaska Air."

ข้อดี: "Crew was friendly."
ข้อเสีย: "AA has nine boarding groups, which queue up in two lanes. Each of the two lanes hold about 5 people, at most. This is ridiculous. It creates enormous crowds of people jockeying to be near the tiny lanes for when their number is called 5 or 10 minutes down the line. AA needs to reduce the number of boarding groups, lengthen the lanes, and provide more of them. No other airline boards this way. That's because this boarding method is stupid. Unsurprisingly, our plane took off late because they couldn't get everyone boarded in time."

ข้อเสีย: "Delayed"

ข้อดี: "Uneventful"

ข้อดี: "It was great! I got an entire row to myself."

ข้อดี: "I got here."
ข้อเสีย: "Everything else. American cancelled my first flight from MSP to ORD. And when I got to Chicago, it cancelled my next flight to Nashville. The flight I managed to get on departed two hours late. There was no explanation for each of these cancellations/delays. There was virtually zero inclement weather anywhere, save for most of the country’s temperature being nearly equivalent to the surface of Neptune. And, the surly, clueless Chicago-based gate agent was the coupe de grace in my search for a reasonable explanation after which I waited impatiently for this episode to conclude. American get your act together."

ข้อเสีย: "I was forced to check my carry on and pay for it. I was not charged on my way to lax or my trip to Hawaii. Sad. And person was rude"

ข้อดี: "The flight attendant was fantastic. Very friendly, very helpful, checking on all the passengers. He even loaned his phone charger to one passenger. It was a full flight and he was working hard, but had a smile on his face the entire time. Give him a raise!"
ข้อเสีย: "the airplane was absolutely freezing. It was so cold, you could actually see the air blowing (like in winter). There's no need for that. Somehow European airlines manage not to freeze out all their passengers. It was less than a two hour flight but felt like an eternity because it was so uncomfortable. Seat size - this is absolutely the smallest it can/should go. I am pretty skinny, but even I'm running out of room and the seat backs could be made a bit more comfortable. Not only is there almost no recline, but the way they are constructed - they actually push my head forward - not made for short people."

ข้อดี: "It was on time. Nashville airport is sparkling clean with very happy and warm staff throughout the facility. As opposed to Philthydelphia the city of Unbrotherly Love."

ข้อเสีย: "We boarded an hour late and then sat in the runway for ever. Flight was scheduled to arrive in Nashville at 1137p we arrived at 148a! Ridiculous"

ข้อดี: "Extra room with empty seat"
ข้อเสีย: "Seat didn't go back due to exit row"

ข้อดี: "Most things."
ข้อเสีย: "Delayed flight!"

ข้อเสีย: "First hearing news of my flight being severely delayed I asked the ticket agent if I should just drive down to DFW from Lawton he reassured me that the plane would get there with time I had to make a split decision to drive down very rapidly"

ข้อดี: "Nothing"
ข้อเสีย: "I didn't get home til 1am bc of this flight delay. A lot of the passengers were on the final leg of overseas travel, so we had a really hard time with the delays. Boarding was inefficient. Cree counted us like 6 times. Why is that necessary? Plane was old and uncomfortable."

ข้อดี: "The plane had a wider aisle - much appreciatedz"

ข้อดี: "All good"
ข้อเสีย: "All good"

ข้อดี: "The male server was great. The ice cream for dessert was magnificent."
ข้อเสีย: "First class was awful- no drink service for far too long, didn't have my food order that I selected ahead of time, the female asian flight attendant was not friendly at all, the seat reclined at the back only there was nothing for your feet, the blankets were awful, and movie selection was mediocre at best."

ข้อดี: "Never boarded plane cause dates were wrong"
ข้อเสีย: "Now me owning up to mistake costing me $500+ extra"

ข้อเสีย: "Plane size"

ข้อเสีย: "The boarding was seemed unintelligent. Why would a passenger in a window seat have to wait until the other middle and aisle passengers board. I got on the plane and had to wait for the other two passengers get up and step into the aisle so I could take my window seat. I was in group 7 and apparently they were in a lower number group that was allowed to board before me."


ข้อดี: "Overall friendliness of the crew"

ข้อดี: "Nice crew"
ข้อเสีย: "No entertainment. Learn from TAM in Brazil and offer entertainment via smartphone / tablet. No food service."

ข้อดี: "Arrived on time, left on time."
ข้อเสีย: "It was inconceivable to me that I could not get a seat assignment until I actually checked in at the gate. While AA offered the option of paying extra for additional legroom, if you declined the offer, you could not obtain a seat. I know that it is getting unusual to have any sort of enjoyable experience on an airline, but the lack of transparency ("group two" for boarding is actually the fifth group to enter the aircraft) is totally unnecessary."

ข้อเสีย: "That i booked a flight that departed 6:20pm on Alaska Airlines and found out i was put on a red eye American Airlines flight that left at 11:50 pm. In addition did not reciveve any notification of the change. Had to leave the airport because i thought i was leaving at 6:20 pm :("

ข้อดี: "Everything was good"

ข้อดี: "It was a very quick flight! I got some great rest and went right into work, ready for the day."
ข้อเสีย: "They checked my carry on, and it ran me a little late leaving from Nashville waiting at baggage claim."

ข้อดี: "I was welcomed and make right at home"
ข้อเสีย: "Did not like having to stay overnight in Charlotte but weather can do that to a traveler."

ข้อดี: "I liked the comfortable seats.. The crew working for American Airlines are polite and nice. From the very time to get the boarding passes and my luggage handling and all the hospitality, am really looking forward to fly more on American Airlines."
ข้อเสีย: "There is not much to not like American Airlines as I don't have any bitter experiences till date and I don't wish to encounter too lol I would like more snacks beside Pretsels too and I wish to have a very good hot Fliter coffee or even green tea's during my flight ☺️"

ข้อดี: "Service and friendliness"
ข้อเสีย: "Person sitting next to me smelled awful. Several passengers asked to move because of how awful the smell was. This individual should not have been allowed to board for basic sanitation reasons."

ข้อเสีย: "Delays, delays and more delays. 3 gate changes and finally on an old plane. Avoid if you can. Only good thing about it, it was bringing me home"

ข้อดี: "Once we finally got on the flight it was great! The crew was Fabtatsic and gave tons of updates as they became available."
ข้อเสีย: "The only bad thing I can say was the delay. Beyond their control but very frustrating."

อ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ เจแปนแอร์ไลน์

มาตรการด้านความปลอดภัยสำหรับสายการบินที่บินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี

สายการบินที่บินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี ได้ออกมาตรการด้านความปลอดภัยเพิ่มเติมและปรับนโยบายเพื่อรองรับนักท่องเที่ยวได้ดีขึ้น นโยบายจะแตกต่างกันไปตามสายการบิน


ทำความสะอาดรายวัน และติดตั้งไส้กรองเคบิน HEPA บนเที่ยวบินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี


ต้องสวมหน้ากากอนามัยเมื่ออยู่บนเครื่อง มีหน้ากากอนามัยให้บนเที่ยวบินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี


ไม่สามารถจองที่นั่งตรงกลางในเที่ยวบินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี ได้


ตรวจหาแอนติบอดี้ และตรวจหาอาการสำหรับเที่ยวบินจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร ไป เทนเนสซี

จองเที่ยวบินราคาถูกจาก กรุงเทพมหานคร - เทนเนสซี


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40 ชม. 44 น.
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35 ชม. 00 น.
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24 ชม. 43 น.
2 แวะพัก
39 ชม. 40 น.
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